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9 March 2011 0

Being a barista is never easy, but then there are times when it is i guess. This past week has not been easy let me tell you.

I've been such a busy barista and this is about the first time I've stopped for more than 5 minutes. Having said that its been a fun week for me as a barista. I'm still plodding along with the planning for my new stores, you know what paperwork is like, never fun and always more paperwork to be done. Things are moving on slowly and soon i'll be taking more action im sure.

Also this week i've been doing a lot of training as usual but admittedly more than normal, which is great i think as it mean people are still interested in being baristas, coffee shops are either opening or improving their staff and the coffee industry is moving in the right direction. Its also great to see people learning and to read an email or two from students who are enjoying my online barista course and getting somewhere with their barista jobs.

If you are on my Facebook (if you're not you should be) you will have noticed me sharing a link to a new website called The Coffee Shop Guide, a newly launched website for promoting small independent coffee shops. A great idea in my opinion! So please share this link anywhere you can guys. Coffee Shop Guide

In addition to all that, i've been making improvements to my own website in the hope i can get more people to come and take a look, but this is never a easy task. I like to think its getting better though. I've added the contact me page so its easy for people to get in touch as well as a few tweaks here and there. Anyway, thats my week so far, it doesn't sound like much but its certainly been busy for me. What have you guys been up to? Let me know below or add me on Facebook (search for Barista Kim Sammons)

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