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Barista Job Description

Barista Job Description

Confused about barista job description? Often people assume that Baristas just make coffee, and its amazing how many people think this. I get many employers, employee's and job seekers assume that thats what a barista does. They just make coffee, thats a baristas job description.

This is a misconception as there is a lot more to being a barista than just this. Admittidly this depends on the skill level of the individual but true non the less, but a barista job description does extend a little more. If you look at any good coffee shop you will see that the barista is constantly doing something regardless of how busy the store maybe.

If you take a moment to make this observation you will notice the barista does a bit more than stand at the coffee machine right? They deal with customers, handle money/take payment, take orders, clean, deal with stock etc etc.

Below I have included a very basic barista job description, but you should get the idea. If you are an employer you should not that when it comes to hiring new staff your barista not only need to be able to make coffee but these other skills and factors should be considered

If you are already employed a lot of the things in my example barista job description are probably your responsibility too, and i'm sure your employer would love it if you excelled in these areas.

If you are looking to get employed, there bare in mind these other factors. If you have good customer service skills then add it to your resume. If you are not brilliant when it comes to taking orders or handling money then you may want to get in a bit of practice or be prepared to learn quickly.

Here is my example barista job description

Company name: Caffe Latte
Industries of the job: Coffee/Catering/Customer service
Job Type: Full time and part time work
Main duties and tasks:

Barista and Customer Service Assistants are required to undertake the following duties and tasks:

  • Serve customers quickly and efficiently; including the preparation of food/beverages and taking payment
  • Daily and weekly cleaning tasks
  • Opening and closing of the store
Roles and responsibilities:

  • Maintain high levels of customer service
  • Ensure the company brand standards are adhered to at all times
  • Follow all company policies and procedures
  • Uphold company brand values and mission
Training and education: Previous experience not essential, however previous catering/barista/customer relations experience is desirable.  Candidates must speak English with additional spoken languages preferable (Spanish, German, Italian).  All brand training is given.
Working conditions: Baristas are required to work in potentially fast paced working environment and required at times to work alone and as part of a team.  Working environment can be warm due to seasonal temperatures and machinery heat.  Employees must show a level of self motivation and organization of self to ensure task completion.
Rate of pay: Baristas are paid $10 per hour.

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