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Barista Training Indonesia

Barista Training Indonesia

Here is a little info on barista training Indonesia and what you can expect when looking for barista training. Coffee has spread to pretty much everywhere in the world. Many cultures have coffee as a big part of the day with a lot of countries being victim to the big coffee shop brands. Thankfully with this deep need for coffee also comes a deep love for the product. - Perfect for barista training in Indonesia

Indonesia is a big part of the coffee industry by producing some wonderful coffees including the much loved Luwak coffee. I have hundreds of really cool people on my facebook account who are from Indonesia and I chat with them everyday, which is one of the main reasons for this article.

Barista Training in Indonesia is very limited, the a very few barista schools in the country and many baristas learn what they know themselves. (well done guys!). If you are looking for barista training in Indonesia then try having a look on, it is difficult and there not many options.

I'll keep this page updated, and if you have any information about Indonesia and barista training there then please send me and email to and i will add it here or you can add me on facebook.

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