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Learn How to Be a Barista

Learn How to be a Barista

Question: How do i become a barista? Learning to be a barista? How can i be a barista?


This question comes up so many times & I get asked a variant pretty much everyday, which is great as people really show and interest and want to learn how to become a barista. The simple answer is all you have to do is make an effort. By searching the internet and reading this page means you are already moving in the right direction to becoming a barista.

Ok, so there are a number of things you can start with really. I'll keep to the simple first steps or options that you have.

Option 1.

This is the cheapest option.. well actually you get paid, but its not always the easiest way to go. You could head into town and check out all the coffee shops that are around, take your CV along and apply for a job! Simple! Most coffee shops will train you for free, plus you'll be working which means you'll get paid! Awesome right?

Well not always and not for everyone. It's getting tougher to get job, coffee shops do get a lot of people applying for vacancies, which means they can pick and choose who they want. So if you already have experience and they dont have to train you, you are more likely to get the job.

You might be thinking "well i already have a job, i just want to train as a hobby or for future plans" or something along those lines right? Getting a job is probably out of the question then.

Option 2

Okay, lets take a look at going to a barista school then. These are great places, and if you pick the right course and school you can have a great time, learn loads and get to meet some cool people. There are schools pretty much all over the states, some in Australia, some in the UK and other dotted around the world.

The tough bit is finding a good one, its not cheap to train with these kinds of schools so if you do want to spend thousands of dollars then take your time choosing and make sure its what you want.

The downside to this option is things like traveling, high cost and the fact that its not an ongoing thing. Once you've done your 3 days thats it. So be prepared to take a lot of notes and pay attention 100% of the time!

Option 3

This option is my favourite option but maybe im being biased...

If you check out my barista training course you'll see what I mean.

Option 4,5,6...

There are other smaller option, things you can do and ways of getting yourself educated as a barista but it can be a slow process. I'd recommend google-ing "barista training","barista training course", "barista courses" or something like that and scan through the pages that come up. It can be boring but you wil get a better idea of things.

Also try reading blogs, or visiting forums. you can get a good idea of things from blogs. They can bequite helpful.

Lastly, you can try reading articles on Ezine. There is always quality info on there as they don't allow spam. Type "barista training" or something into

Good luck guys! and if you get really stuck feel free to Facebook me or email me anytime.

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